Gaining Insights to the C-Suite Regarding ICD-10 Transition and Revenue Cycle Optimization

Gaining Insights to the C-Suite Regarding ICD-10 Transition and Revenue Cycle Optimization

  • A $5 billion leader in health information technology software, consulting and outsourcing engaged C-Suite Resources to assist in developing a program to accelerate their sales of a new product and related services to aid in ICD-10 transition and revenue cycle optimization. The division specializes in technology services, information, analytics, business services and consulting to hospitals and health systems.

The Company needed input from senior executives of leading health systems to gain insights and reactions to their Computer Assisted Coding and Natural Language Processing solutions that enable ICD-10 transition, revenue cycle optimization and data analytics.

The C-Suite Resources team spent a half-day at the division headquarters learning about the products and services available and discussing options to develop an accelerated sales and marketing process for their new approach.

The C-Suite Resources team prepared a report with a number of potential actions:

  • Providing intelligence regarding 40 of the leading health systems, one or two in each of the major regions of the country that would represent “nationally recognized” systems
  • Conducting a focus group of senior executives from leading health systems to provide insights and reactions to their new products and services re: ICD-10 transition, revenue cycle optimization and analytics
  • Reviewing and enhancing their sales and marketing messages
  • Developing a thought leadership piece to be used in introducing the divisions’ capabilities

The first two action steps were approved quickly and C-Suite Resources was engaged to prepare a focus group session.

C-Suite Resources:

  • Assembled a list of leading health systems which were prospect clients for ICD-10 transition services
  • The division leadership selected those they wished to include
  • We agreed on the types of C-Suite executives to be recruited
  • The agenda for the session was developed jointly and refined by C-Suite Resources’ team
  • The focus group was recruited and consisted of eight senior executives from eight leading systems including CFOs, CMOs, and CMIOs
  • Conducted a half-day session that was rated on average 4.5/5.0 among attendees across nine evaluation areas

C-Suite Resources moderated the session and the team prepared a complete report of key takeaways and conducted a follow-up conference call with the client.

As a result, the Company gained critical insights regarding the plans, decision process, value proposition and messaging related to their solutions. This intelligence was utilized by the Company to optimize their solution positioning, sales and marketing programs.