Understanding High Tech Ancillary Equipment Decision Making

Understanding High Tech Ancillary Equipment Decision Making

C-Suite Resources worked with a leading international manufacturer of digital anatomical laboratory technology to better understand the factors influencing today’s decision makers when evaluating high tech ancillary equipment and the process for capital purchases. The key issue faced by our client was how to gain access to the broad spectrum of individuals who make or influence this type of decision in order to better understand how the environment is changing.

C-Suite Resources worked with the Company to create a guided telephone interview tool, specifically tailored to the unique perspectives of the CFO, CMO, CMIO, SVP of Professional Services, Lab Director and Chief of Pathology. Each had their own thoughts on the areas of consideration important to making decisions related to major capital equipment acquisitions.

The purpose of the interviews was to determine:

  • The features and benefits of the new technology being developed, before “go to market”
  • What drives the interest of individual leaders in considering new technologies
  • The key factors that must be demonstrated to generate interest and drive action
  • Barriers that need to be overcome in order to ease decision making for the organization
  • The roles of each influencer and contributor to the decision making process
  • How best to equip those closest to the technology to become effective internal champions
  • How healthcare reform will impact the advancement of new technologies in ancillary services

The interviews were held with a combination of academic medical centers and large integrated delivery systems from across the United States. Results were used to refine the go to market strategy, shape the development of marketing materials and sales force training.