Market Research / New Service Line Offering

Market Research / New Service Line Offering

A $5 billion leader in health information technology software, consulting and outsourcing engaged C-Suite Resources to assist with their research project regarding a transformational new market offering.

The Client Company needed input from 20 senior executives (mainly CEOs and CFOs) from four types of leading health systems (large, regional/national health systems to small community systems and academic medical centers) that would be willing to share perspectives and feedback on their unique concept.

Recognizing the challenge of reaching these prominent C-Suite executives and convincing them to spend 60 minutes of their valuable time discussing this potential new offering, the Client Company turned to C-Suite Resources to secure these executive interviews.

The time frame for this project was short – 60 days – due to an internal deadline the client was facing.

Assisting in the creation of two different interview guides was part of the process in this project.  C-Suite Resources’ team and the Client agreed on customized “invitation to participate” letters to go along with each interview guide.  The C-Suite team “field-tested” the interview guides by hosting a mock interview.  The guides were then tweaked and modified based on input from the leadership at C-Suite Resources and the feedback from this mock interview.

Following a final kick-off discussion with the client, C-Suite Resources reached out to their Faculty Advisors (CEOs, CFOs and other senior executive thought leaders) and secured the 20 necessary commitments for the interviews. An additional bonus interview was also conducted, bringing the total number of C-suite interviews to 21.

Each of the 21 interviews required the arranging and scheduling of a call on our C-Suite Resources bridge. The client wanted to be able to record the interviews, if possible, for their internal use only.  C-Suite Resources asked each participant for permission to record and, based on a solid reputation of trust, we were able to achieve 100% participation on this request.   Following each call, C-Suite followed up with the client and sent the link to the recording.

This project was completed within the established time frames and fully met the client’s expectations.  As mentioned, this project was given a 60-day timeline for completion.  C-Suite Resources was able to recruit the needed participants and complete all the interviews within 30 business days.

Following completion of the project, C-Suite Resourced produced a brief summary report of the project.

Overall Results:

•    21 interviews were scheduled, conducted and completed within 30 working days and on budget.

•    Feedback from the Client was positive. The information gathered from the interviews was described by the client as “very valuable.” Most    importantly, it enabled the client to make a highly informed decision on whether to make a multi-million dollar, major effort to enter a new market segment.

•    A summary report of the interview project was provided within two days of project completion.

•    As an added bonus, several of the interviewees asked the client about the possibility of obtaining some kind of high level report of findings/ conclusions of these interviews.

•    Feedback from interviewees was extremely positive.  Several participants stated that they “really enjoyed the conversation!”