Value Proposition Development For Healthcare Real Estate Development Firm

Value Proposition Development For Healthcare Real Estate Development Firm

C-Suite Resources’ client is a very successful real estate planning and development firm specializing in healthcare. Their clients are large hospitals and health systems who prefer to work with an experienced developer with the ability to handle all aspects of the development: planning, design, financing, construction, leasing and management.

The company was seeking general business intelligence from executives of healthcare organizations about their future plans in view of tightening capital availability. C-Suite Resources discussed four alternative approaches:

  • Interviews with CEOs and CFOs
  • Focus group of CEOs and CFOs
  • A specialized phone survey of C-Suite Resources Faculty-Advisors
  • A strategy session to focus on developing stronger relationships within the executive levels of clients and products

The company chose to execute upon all four of the options, beginning with a focus group of six CEOs and CFOs. C-Suite Resources managed the entire process including:

  • Working with the Company to design the agenda
  • Collecting discussion questions from the sales team in advance to prepare the panelists and promote pointed discussions
  • Recruiting and securing the appropriate C-suite panelists
  • Organizing and leading a preparatory conference call with the CEOs and CFOs and the Company’s sales and marketing leaders
  • Facilitating the panel discussions
  • Administering and compiling panel evaluations
  • Conducting a post-panel call with CEOs and CFOs as well as the Company
  • Following the very successful focus group, the Company decided on the strategy session as the next step. C-Suite Resources suggested a more cost-effective approach, the Continuing Business Relationship which provides on-going executive advisory support. Within the agreement, we have conducted:
  • Two half-day strategic planning sessions
  • A project interviewing 15 of their clients regarding client satisfaction
  • An extensive marketing analysis of one segment of the healthcare provider market

Our work continues as our Continuing Business Relationship has been renewed for an additional two years.