The healthcare C-suite is inundated with vendor requests. Yet, they guard their time very closely and delegate most vendor conversations to their teams. Our clients tell us they want to sell to the C-suite but are challenged to access them. If they finally do connect the C-suite, they aren’t sure if their messages resonate.

How do you effectively gain the ear of the healthcare C-suite? What is your unique value proposition that will motivate the C-suite to listen to your story and be moved to take action?

We offer you powerful insights and techniques to help you:

Develop Effective Messages

We will work with you to help you craft effective sales messages and test them with actual buyers. We can do this via focus groups, in-depth phone interviews and sales simulations. We give you access to actual C-suite decision makers across all title types and organization types. Test your story in-depth before taking it to market. Then we’ll work with you to refine it so that when you go live, you’ll have a razor sharp pitch that resonates and wins business.

Sell Strategically to Healthcare

The healthcare C-suite is focused on several key strategic objectives. In order to be successful, you need to know what their priorities are and how your offerings help them. Through our Sales Education Programs and Executive Advisory Services, we’ll share our insights to boost your win rates and increase your share of customer in strategic accounts.

Enhance Your Win Rates

Top-notch vendors and suppliers utilize win-loss reviews to understand systemic reasons why they win or lose business. We will conduct an objective, third-party review of your deals to uncover key decision factors, buyers’ perceptions of your offerings’ strengths and weaknesses, and necessary sales process improvements. A 5% increase in win rates can translate into millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

Target Key Accounts

With unprecedented healthcare industry consolidation, target marketing and market segmentation is more important than ever. Do you have a target list of accounts that meets your criteria and focuses your sales team on the accounts where you will have the best probability of success? If not, we can help. Utilizing our industry knowledge and research capabilities, we will help you identify the best target accounts as well as the sales approach that yields the best results.