Do you know what the healthcare C-suite really needs? Our healthcare intelligence services tap the pulse of your target buyers, delivering you honest and objective feedback to refine your entire strategy from product development to your elevator pitch.

At C-Suite Resources, we employ several time-tested market intelligence-gathering techniques custom-tailored to deliver you the industry insights you need to bolster your competitive advantage.


  • Launch new products and services successfully
  • Sharpen your sales and marketing messages and build market share
  • Improve brand positioning
  • Maximize the ROI on marketing and sales spending
  • Increase sales and win rates

C-Suite Focus Groups

C-Suite Focus Groups offer you the opportunity to meet with prominent C-level executives to gain valuable insights on your business strategy, market entry approaches, sales tactics and any other aspects of your go-to market approach which may require a level of refinement.

We’ll work with you to hand-select the appropriate mix of Faculty-Advisors, which typically consists of four to six executives. We will also help you select the organization types that you are targeting, ranging from national and regional health systems to freestanding community hospitals. Decision makers can span the entire C-suite, depending on your needs.

Our focus groups are in-depth and typically take three to four hours. We work with you to craft focus group objectives and an effective agenda that engages the C-suite attendees and yields invaluable insights. In all, we deliver on a checklist of 17 to-dos in order to plan and execute the focus group on a turnkey basis, so you can focus on the output and findings, not the process.

C-Suite Surveys

Sometimes a few key answers can spark transformative light bulb moments for your business. Phone surveys are a cost-effective and time-efficient tactic to access the opinions of a larger pool of C-suite executives. We’ll help you refine your line of questioning to deliver the actionable insights you need.

C-Suite Consultation

Need a little input on a product or company strategy, a market event or an industry trend? For clients who utilize our on-going Executive Advisory Services, we offer ad hoc access to our pool of more than 250 C-Suite Faculty-Advisors for phone consultations that deliver near immediate answers to your everyday questions.

Our Intelligence Sources

C-Suite Resources draws on many sources for its intelligence, including our own primary research for clients via focus groups, phone and web based surveys. We also gain insights from conferences, industry experts, publications, research studies, industry partners and innovative clients.

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