Focus Group Delivers Key Insights on Standards of Care

Focus Group Delivers Key Insights on Standards of Care

C-Suite Resources worked with the leading global provider of sample and assay technologies to assist them in engaging C-suite clinical leaders in the implementation of standards of care. This was of particular importance to the manufacturer since scientific evidence points to the role many of its products have in the early diagnosis of certain cancers. The key issue faced by our client was how clinical decision making is evolving with the integration of physicians within large systems, the evolution of evidence-based practice and development of standards of care, and how physicians are held to these standards.

C-Suite Resources worked with the client’s team to assemble and conduct a one-day focus group consisting of six clinical leaders of major integrated delivery systems from across the nation.

Topics included:

  • Where organizations are with respect to public and private healthcare reform initiatives
  • How healthcare reform might affect future development of preventive services
  • How organizations evaluate new technologies, products and services
  • How standards of care are developed and implemented within large integrated delivery systems
  • How compliance with standards of care is enforced
  • How compliance differs among organizations with employed versus independent physicians
  • Who are the key decision makers and influencers in establishing and implementing new methods and standards of care
  • What will attract the attention of decision makers and influencers related to the products and services offered by the manufacturer
  • What value-added offerings should be considered to build stronger relationships with provider organizations
  • Key value proposition statements that the manufacturer should emphasize in order to promote the adoption of certain standards of care

The focus group participants included a CMO, CMIO, EVP of Clinical Services, Regional Medical Director and Chair of Clinical Department within an academic medical center. The focus group produced key insights that were used to shape the company’s strategy, messaging and approaches to developing closer relationships with provider organizations of all types and sizes.