Our Intelligence Sources

Our Intelligence Sources

C-Suite Resources draws on many sources for its intelligence, including our own primary research for clients via focus groups, phone and web based surveys. We also gain insights from conferences, industry experts, publications, research studies, industry partners and innovative clients.

Healthcare Conferences

We attend many of the leading healthcare conferences and/or review all the summary reports from the rest, including:

  • ACHE Congress
  • AHA Annual meeting
  • AHA Leadership Summit
  • Center for Healthcare Governance Fall and Spring Symposiums
  • MedAssets Executive Healthcare Forum
  • National Sales Meetings of our clients
  • Scottsdale Institute Spring Conference

Our Faculty-Advisors

  • We regularly interact with our Faculty-Advisors (250+ C-Suite executives) from leading healthcare organizations via interviews, surveys, focus groups, panels and contacts at meetings.
  • We conduct periodic surveys of our Faculty Advisors on a variety of topics.

Continuous Research

We conduct daily research on all the current and future topics by scanning, reviewing and analyzing 22 leading healthcare publications, such as those from:

  • Accenture
  • ACHE
  • Advisory Board
  • AHA
  • Avalere
  • Beckers Hospital Review
  • Commonwealth Fund
  • Deloitte
  • Health Affairs
  • Health Leaders Media
  • Hospitals & Health Networks
  • Kaiser Healthcare News
  • Leavitt Partners
  • Modern Healthcare
  • Moody’s
  • Sg2
  • Standard & Poor’s
  • Client Research

We review research done by and for our clients, who are innovative and leading suppliers to healthcare organizations. We interact with them to gain insights about industry trends and changes, and their customers’ challenges, strategies and actions.

Our Team Experience

Our Partners’ 100+ years of healthcare experience allows us to use our personal relationships to tap into opinions and insights from industry leaders, clinicians, entrepreneurs and consultants on any topic.