Advising a Strategy Council on Acquisition Opportunities

Advising a Strategy Council on Acquisition Opportunities

C-Suite Resources was contacted by one of our long-time client companies for whom we have completed a number of assignments in the past. The client company provides automated healthcare solutions that enable healthcare organizations to improve efficiency, patient safety, medication adherence and regulatory compliance in pharmacy, nursing, supply chain and materials management.

The company asked C-Suite Resources for a three-phase set of services:

  1. Participate in their Strategy Council meeting and be prepared to present our C-Suite Resources proprietary market intelligence on how healthcare providers currently view the developing market; where they see their organizations moving in the next five years; how many organizations are currently involved in each of the four health system types.
  2. Depending on the results of the Strategy Council meeting, described above, approach leading healthcare executives to learn their views on the four organization types; seek their input on the three categories of opportunities.
  3. Consider whether a focus group of selected title types should be convened to present the company’s approach to opportunities in acquisitions.

We then completed Phase I leading a four-hour Strategy Council session, beginning with a presentation focused on:

  • Review of the company’s current opportunities in acquisitions
  • Discussion of Four Health System Strategies
  • What systems are pursuing this strategy?
  • Current status of the strategy
  • Who will pursue this strategy in the future?
  • How will providers, your customers, react to these opportunities?

Following the presentation, the Strategy Council members entered into a spirited discussion of the acquisition opportunities based on market intelligence gained from the presentation.

Results of the assignment for the Company:

  • Phase I definitely changed the company’s views on several of the categories of acquisition opportunities
  • The company asked if we would modify our work for Phases II and III
  • The company asked if we would enter into an On-Going Advisory Services Agreement