Brand Repositioning

Brand Repositioning

A $6 billion, Fortune 400 network and information technology company asked C-Suite Resources to assist in brand repositioning after acquiring a leading provider of interoperable workflow solutions for the healthcare industry. The challenge was to meld the brands of the previously separate companies with a new brand positioning that would resonate with C-suite executives.

C-Suite Resources worked collaboratively with the client’s marketing and leadership team and completed the following:

  • Provided an executive briefing on the healthcare and healthcare IT trends for the sales, marketing and leadership team. Customized the content to include implications for the Company.
  • Reviewed the combined product and service portfolio of the company. Assisted in reorganizing the offerings to align them with the key drivers and needs of the healthcare C-suite.
  • Developed a draft “messaging platform” that communicated the corporate messages and attributes, solution offerings and value proposition geared towards a C-suite audience.
  • Secured in-depth (60 minute) phone interviews with C-suite executives to test the messaging platform. Participants included CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and CMIOs from prominent health systems across the country.
  • Developed a report that identified messaging platform refinements and recommendations to ensure the Company’s new brand positioning would have maximum impact on a C-suite audience.
  • Assisted in refining the messaging platform and conducted a second round of testing with C-suite audiences. Assisted in developing further refinements to arrive at the final messaging platform.

C-Suite Resources delivered insights regarding the audience’s knowledge of the Company and its offerings, likes and dislikes regarding the messaging, what aspects of the value proposition and offerings resonate most with the C-suite, and overall thoughts on what to communicate with a C-suite audience.

As a result of this effort, the Company completed a highly successful launch of its new brand and messaging platform at the national HIMSS conference. The Company’s refined messages were very well received by numerous C-suite executives. It also enabled the sales team to zero in on the most powerful company and value proposition messages, increasing their ability to engage the healthcare C-suite, close business and increase market share.