Sales and Marketing Team Education

Sales and Marketing Team Education

A global Fortune 500 company with a product range spanning nutritional products, laboratory diagnostics, medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies, called on C-Suite Resources to help it enhance its healthcare industry knowledge. The Company’s sales force was finding their usual call points changing and new influencers involved in purchasing decisions. Sales leadership wanted to improve their understanding of how integrated health systems function, how they are organized and how decisions are made.

Over the course of several years, C-Suite Resources completed a number of sales and marketing team education assignments for several divisions of the company, including:

  • Jointly developed and delivered a four-hour course on “Understanding IDNs” to the sales and marketing leadership of two divisions
  • Conducted a half-day focus group with Service Line Managers and Chief Strategy Officers from two of the largest integrated health systems in the country
  • Led a strategy session to review key corporate accounts focused on sales obstacles and approaches to each customer
  • Delivered a half-day education program on healthcare trends and issues, including health reform and integrated health systems
  • Developed a video learning module on integrated health systems and healthcare trends, accessible to all employees

These programs have enhanced the sales and marketing teams’ understanding of their market and customers, resulting in more effective sales calls and marketing programs.

As a result, the Company engaged C-Suite Resources in an Ongoing Executive Advisory Agreement, which included periodic strategy sessions, regular consulting regarding specific client relationships, quick calls to review changes in payment reforms to hospitals and ad hoc advisory support.