Health System CEO Panel Delivers Actionable Market Entry Insights

Health System CEO Panel Delivers Actionable Market Entry Insights

This C-Suite Resources client is a successful, well-known process improvement consulting company that has provided these services for over 30 years to companies in the retail, manufacturing, and financial services sectors. About ten years ago, the company had considered entering the healthcare sector and completed several healthcare assignments, but felt that they did not have enough knowledge at that time about the workings of the industry to be successful.

Recently, in the company’s strategic planning activity, they again identified the healthcare sector, specifically hospitals and health systems, as a sector they wished to enter. Their planning consultant suggested that this time the company could benefit from assembling a group of leading hospital and health system chief executives, a number of who might have experience with process improvement techniques and companies who provide these services.

The company contacted C-Suite Resources with a request for us to organize a half-day hospital/health system CEO panel. Their specifications of the type of CEOs they wished to work with included:

  • Significant, prominent local or regional hospitals/health systems CEOs with considerable experience, i.e., at least 10-15 years as a chief executive
  • All of the CEOs would be actively employed, i.e., “sitting” CEOs, not recently retired CEOs
  • CEOs whose organizations had experiences with other process improvement techniques, e.g., Six Sigma, “Lean” techniques and others

The company had a specific date and place for the meeting, which was only nine weeks from the initial phone call. The meeting had to take place on the day preceding the company’s large annual meeting of customers and prospects. C-Suite Resources assembled six CEOs, all of whom met the specifications of the company. The CEOs traveled to the southeastern city on the specific dates requested by the company and a four-hour panel was conducted.

C-Suite Resources provided one of its vice presidents as professional facilitator for the meeting, an individual with significant healthcare experience and expertise. The facilitator prepared the agenda for the meeting, identified the topics to be covered, and prepared a list of questions that the company was interested in exploring. Materials on the company were assembled and mailed to each of the participants along with the agenda and topic questions.

The panel was a resounding success based on both the panel evaluation and the company’s evaluation. The company obtained actionable insights to its sales and delivery model. The company has since been invited to present their solution to several of the hospitals and health systems represented on the panel. The company is planning to conduct an additional panel this year and is considering an ongoing contract with C-Suite Resources for several panels.