Healthcare Advisory Board Serves Members and the Client

Healthcare Advisory Board Serves Members and the Client

The client is a leading national owner and manager of senior housing, assisted living, home care and skilled nursing facilities. In addition, they consult in each of these areas with hospitals and health systems who either own such services or are creating relationships with other providers.

To advance the knowledge and thinking about the issues associated with the continuum of care, our client asked us to create an Executive Advisory Board of thought leading organizations who would be interested in exploring this together.

C-Suite Resources was engaged to help identify and recruit senior executives whose organizations are addressing this issue. Participants required a willingness to commit to the purpose and principles of the advisory board which include: education, sharing and creating.

The ten participants in this on-going Executive Advisory Board come from some of the largest integrated delivery systems in the U.S. including Catholic and secular organizations. The participants include chief operating officers, chief medical officers, chief nursing officers, chief strategy and chief innovation officers. In addition, two subject matter experts with medical and administrative experience serve on the board.

C-Suite Resources’ role has included:

  • Recruiting members
  • Organizing and planning meetings of the board
  • Facilitating presentations and discussions
  • Managing board communications

Our client has three primary goals in sponsoring this important initiative:

  1. To create an opportunity for nationally recognized healthcare organizations to learn and share ideas and experiences related to the rapidly developing need to create an effective continuum of services and communications from acute to post-acute care;
  2. For our client to learn from prominent, thought leading organizations and to share its expertise in this emerging and important segment of the field;
  3. To enhance the brand name and recognition of our client within the industry.

This healthcare advisory board is quite different in its design and operation. Most of the time, the purpose of an advisory board is to provide advice to the organizing or host company. In this case, the primary purpose is to create a valuable experience for the members as they deal with this topic. Because of this, the members have committed to meet twice each year and for one of the meetings to be held at a member site and will be focusing on these five imperatives:

Imperative #1: Addressing chronic illness and care management
Imperative #2: Evolving continuing care networks and the triple aim
Imperative #3: Alternative payment strategies
Imperative #4: Health information technology
Imperative #5: Leadership

Our client has much to contribute to the discussion on each of these imperatives but, more importantly, the opportunity for innovative ideas to emerge from this group will benefit each of the leading organizations that are participating. It is because of this, the founding members of this executive advisory board have committed to devoting the time and resources to its success.